Summer in SF

While The German was in NYC at his Nerd Summer Camp, I opted for summer in SF (after a brief stop in Miami to visit family) where I reunited with many friends, played surrogate mom to 6 cats and 1 dog, saw 3 concerts plus 1 singing clown, taught 9 Zumba classes, met 1 new baby and 1 new horse, ate at Tacolicious 7 times, bought 2 new pair of Fluevog shoes, worked over 429 contracting hours, and drank countless bottles of champagne.

And I was also on a billboard:

Betabrand Billboard Model

My initial re-entry to SF was rough. As happy as I was to see friends and eat so many delicious things, the city felt dirty and expensive, and the homeless situation seemed worse.  And after spending every day with The German, the 3 hour time difference between us felt much larger.

It was, however, surprisingly easy to go back to work at Apple. I was touched by how many people were so happy to see me, and it’s no secret that I enjoy being productive.  And of course, it was nice to earn some money after a year without a paycheck. While I quickly remembered how much I hated the commute, I was happy to jump into my summer project and get things done.


Though I initially planned to only stay at Apple for the summer, a new opportunity presented itself and today I start as a full-time employee (again), managing international design teams based out of London. It will take another month or so before I can officially move, but I am thrilled to have Apple’s help with all the paperwork and I am excited about the project and my teammates.

I will still have plenty of opportunity to travel, which is fantastic, especially as I will be back in SF several times a year.  But I am also looking forward to living with The German again, in our own apartment. I have always loved London and am excited to officially call it home.

The next 6 weeks (or more) are bound to be chaotic and unpredictable, but I am excited to see how it unfolds…

8 thoughts on “Summer in SF”

  1. I am quite literally shitting my pants that you are moving to London. I can’t wait to desert my family for weekends at a time to visit. xxx


  2. Congratulations and I’m very happy for you Rachel. London is a wonderful city and I’m sure you will be happy there.


  3. Hey Rachel,
    That’s great news!! London is awesome (Roam London is awesome too)! I was hoping to see you in SF later in Sept but it’ll have to be another great destination!!!
    Glad I’m following your blog and sending you both big hugs!!
    Ps I have a client who works there as well

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  4. Nice work on the world travels!
    Jealous and happy for you at the same time 🙂
    Have fun in SF before heading over the pond to the UK.

    Best wishes!


  5. Late to comment b/c I think I did on FB – but…yay!!! Will be great to have a bubbles-buddy here! Ok…ha ha, that was selfish. How about, Very excited for you for all that this opportunity is! 🙂


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