One thought on “At the top of Table Mountain”

  1. Geeez… My first hike with Dan (one of our first dates in 2010) seems similar…But was only 2 miles straight up (6-7 k feet), rocks, roots, trees, sticks, etc… … a place called the ‘Chimneys’ in the Smokey Mtn Natl Park… He called and said… Honey, “Lets go on a lil hike”, so I thought we were planning to walk at a park or something, so trying to be cute and fancy……. I stupidly didn’t wear socks with my athletic shoes, but of course had my hair perfect and makeup flawless… After the hike I had huge holes (not blisters) on the back of my heals…leaves, sticks, bugs stuck to my face and hair…etc… Swearing was the least of my words… But, this was one of our first dates and I was determined to make it … Three hours later we had to skip down due to it was getting dark and we didn’t have our phones or a flashlight… geeez… Bears had been sighted here, and other wild life…lol The only bright light to this story is Dan rubbed my legs for days after this….and after, even though we were a mess, we went to one the best restaurants I’ve ever been to… They didn’t mind seating us even though we looked like we were homeless… lol Now I LOVE this story because it was the start to our amazing adventure together… LUVS!!!


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