9 Days In London

You all already know how much I love London so I won’t rehash it here.

Our 9 day visit was a whirlwind of eating, drinking, and hanging out with some of our favorite people:
1 high school friend
1 college friend
4 SF friends who were here on holiday
1 recent London transplant
14 Apple colleagues (plus 2 fabulous wives, 1 boyfriend who I previously thought was fictitious, 2 girlfriends, and 1 wild-haired baby)
8 app developers

1 breakfast date
2 brunch dates
6 lunch dates
8 dinner dates
4 Indian restaurants
8 coffee shops
5 pubs
2 wine bars
2 ice creams
4 pieces of Paul A Young fine chocolate

3 galleries
1 Freemason’s Grand Lodge that contained at least 10 thrones
1 Monty Python foot
150 minutes in Camden Market yielding 3 pieces of Cyberdog clothing
2 clever items from Suck UK (though I wanted to buy the whole store)
1 manicure from my favorite nail art salon in London
15 conversations about Brexit

248,240 steps
114.5 miles walked

Now we are off to Barcelona!

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