Miami was a great final stop on our US roadtrip. I got to see my Aunt Debra, Uncle Rick and “Tanta Pam”, plus some of Pam’s family who I haven’t seen in many years.


Chili the Vizsla was kind enough to let us stay in her guest room. She has a large, beautiful home complete with a pool and live-in chef. When we weren’t spending ridicuolous amounts of time planning the next couple weeks of travel, Chili would take us swimming and have her chef make us some amazing meals.

My Uncle is also a great pilot and he took The German for a small tour of the Everglades in his open-cockpit Cub:

And while Uncle Rick can’t be beat in the kitchen, Debra held her own when it came to making cocktails:

The girls spent one afternoon at the zoo, despite the heat & humidity (which is oppressive at times). The zoo had some very active Harpy Eagles which were fascinating to watch, but feeding the giraffes was a definite highlight:

I always have fun with Rick, Debra and Pam and I only get to see them every few years, so this was a great way to end our trip. (Though we are certainly leaving a few pounds heavier, thanks to Rick’s cooking and all the fabulous champagne!)

All in all, the roadtrip was really great – we both got to see some new places, I got to see a lot of old friends, and it was nice to give The German a taste of the South. I’m glad this was how we started our adventure.

That said, we’re both also excited to not drive for a while, and slow down our pace of travel. So now we are headed to Europe, where our first stop will be a week in Reims, France.

3 thoughts on “Miami”

  1. Fun! You mentioning the humidity and Everglades make me feel a bit homesick for Florida. And I love how your nickname for Stefan is “The German” 😀


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