It goes without saying that New Orleans is a lot of fun… I love the energey of the French Quarter, the warm weather, and the blues/bluegrass/jazz music coming out of every door or on every street corner.

I love the look of the French Quarter – we spent a lot of time just walking around and looking at all the cute buildings.

I really loved our accommodation – it was a building with a lot of history and charm, but still really comfortable. If you’re ever down there, I highly recommend the Olivier Guest House.

Perfect for a historic (and haunted) guest house in the French Quarter)

We basically spent our short stay eating and drinking the entire time. While we were having a drink in one of the oldest buildings on Bourbon St – Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop – the jukebox caught my eye:

You can take the girl out of Cupertino, but…

So I guess there is some new stuff in the historic French Quarter…

It felt great to have a couple days in the South – people are genuinely friendly on the street (without ultimately asking you for money like in SF), the pace is so relaxed, and even the muggy weather felt good to me. Though it wasn’t the same as Memphis, it was a nice little taste of the culture and energy that I grew up with.

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