Too much kitsch?

Part of the goal of this road trip was to show The German more of America. He had fantasies of charming roadside diners and other such things that he’d only ever seen on tv when he was growing up in Germany.

So I thought it would be a great idea to stop at The Madonna Inn for a night on our way to LA. If you haven’t heard of it, it was constructed in the 1950s, in the side of a mountain:

Each room has a unique theme. I chose one of the “rock” ones. This is all genuine rock – Graceland’s carpeted ceilings really have nothing on this place:

The bathroom featured a sink where the water cascaded down and made a small waterfall into the basin. Charming, though somewhat impractical:

And much to our surprise, even the shower included a waterfall. Which was less charming after to made the entire bathroom floor a slippery hazard.

We had dinner in their steakhouse, which is pretty much the pinkest place ever created:

While the steak was good, the rest was all a bit weird. Though we certainly didn’t complain about the Matt Bellassi-sized pours of wine:


After dinner, he finally proclaimed that this was all just “too much”. So it’s possible that I out-kitsched him on night #2 – which means I need a new goal since we have several weeks of road trip left… Any suggestions?

7 thoughts on “Too much kitsch?”

  1. I’m pretty sure Paul and I had the same room 15 years ago. For some strange reason the urinal in the men’s room is famous.


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