The Plan

Everyone keeps asking if I’m going to blog about my adventures, so I figure this is a good time to start…Here’s a rough plan of where we are headed, though I expect most of this will change:

Empty the apartment, figure out how to get a year’s worth of clothing into a bag I can carry without a fork lift, panic.

Road trip the southern US before I sell my car: Rachel & Stefan’s Epic Road Trip on Roadtrippers

June & July
Europe! Plans include Copenhagen, Paris, Duisburg, London.. will you be in Europe this summer? Let’s meet up!

July 28-Aug 8
Back to SF for a friend’s wedding (not mine, everyone, calm down) and to prep for…

August & September
…Africa! It starts with a gorilla trek in Rwanda, followed by Tanzania for a game safari, then we’ll figure out the rest. I’m currently thinking Zanzibar, Mozanbique, Botswana, and South Africa.

Dubai & Singapore?

Southeast Asia: Thailand, Malaysia, Phillippines, Vietnam?


New Zealand

India & Sri Lanka

Japan for cherry blossoms!

4 thoughts on “The Plan”

  1. Don’t worry about packing a year’s worth of clothes. Sell almost all of the clothes you have, buy a scrubba portable washer (fits in backpack) and pack a week or two worth of clothes. You’ll find sensible seasonal garments along the way…


  2. This is so awesome—really excited for you. In a few years, I’d love to pull my kids from school for a year and homeschool them around the world…


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